The EU Global Diaspora Facility: Consultation – Northern Europe


As Diaspora engagement support BRD was part of an excellent two-day virtual consultation on Diaspora Engagement hosted by the EUDiF (an EU-funded project which aims to strengthen collaboration and engagement between diaspora development organizations, within countries of origin & the EU), the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD)& European Commission – Development & Cooperation – EuropeAidwith objectives to:

Exchange on the main opportunities and challenges linked to diaspora engagement for the development of their countries of origin as well as the role of diaspora in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic; Better grasp the profile and dynamics of diaspora organizations based in Northern Europe, including their capacity building needs, aspirations, intentions and specificities;Establish networks between diaspora organizations, identify communication and engagement channels, and promote other components of the EU Global Diaspora Facility.

BRD discussed various interests, needs and challenges related to refugees and migrants both in the host country & country of origin, including key recommendations to facilitate diaspora work, development cooperation and policy advocacy in both Sweden and Afghanistan.