Protection Of Culture Heritage at Risk Afghanistan

The people, monuments, archaeological sites and literature all bear witness to the multiple layers of an extraordinarily rich cultural heritage in Afghanistan. However, the great potential for cultural development in Afghanistan is currently being undermined and has had to endure unimaginable loss in the past, but yet it has remained subject to deliberate destruction, pillage and neglect throughout the decades of war and civil unrest  into the present. Despite best efforts, several monuments identified by UNESCO and the Afghan authorities as being of worldwide significance have either been destroyed or continue to be at risk of collapse because of a combined lack of both resources and expertise to ensure the provision of the necessary emergency conservation and safeguarding measures. According to BRD rapid assessment of the tangible culture heritage sites at high risk in diester prone provinces, supported by the Prince Clause Fund (PCF), most of the culture heritage sites remained in the status of collops, which requires quick response for protection and stabilisation, but there was no measure in place by the responsible institutions or other organisations, due to lack of resources, capacity, skills, knowledge and expertise for provision of necessary response for protection or safeguarding. To address the needs for timely response to protection culture heritage, engage local communities and civil society using community approach and provide emergency response to culture heritage in the risk of collapse. 

Key Intevetions