Enhance Capacities Emergency Response to Cultural Heritage in Emergencies in Afghanistan


Cultural heritage in Afghanistan continues to be at risk of collapse due to the current intensified conflict, frequent disasters, and lack of both resources and expertise to ensure the provision of the necessary emergency conservation and safeguarding measures. To respond to the urgent needs for emergency conservation and safeguarding cultural heritage in risk, the Bureau for Rights Based Development (BRD), a non-governmental local development organization with specialized expertise in capacity building and community engagement, will build local capacities through training and provision of follow up support to the targeted communities, community-based organizations (CBOs), civil society, and local institutions. This will enable them to actively engage in emergency conservation, protection, and safeguarding of all aspects of the rich Afghan cultural heritage, with the following specific objectives:  (i) equip the members of CBOs, civil society, and government institutions with knowledge, skills, and tools required for timely first aid delivery to preserve and safeguard cultural heritage in time of crises and emergencies; (ii) strengthen local communities’ engagement in cultural heritage protection and preservation; (iii) build partnerships and improve linkages among local communities, civil society, and local institutions to intensify cultural heritage protection and preservation activities  at the local level in Afghanistan; and (iv) establish a network of trained people using an online portal, serving as an important platform to continue learning, experience and knowledge sharing, and networking among the participants, cultural heritage professionals, and civil society allowing them to become better cultural first-aiders.