Education and Training

Decades of war and the current crises in Afghanistan have led to a nationwide breakdown of social and economic structures. Children are among the biggest victims of the endemic poverty and vulnerability. When basic survival of a family is at risk, access to education is out of question. Everyday tens of thousands of children roam the dusty streets in Afghanistan, begging or working desperately to earn money needed for their family, worse case for the orphans who lost their parents unended conflict. When children and youth are prepared to go to school, learn, and gain the skills they need for life and work, they are able to build more hopeful and prosperous futures for themselves, their families, communities, and countries. There is increasing recognition that citizen involvement is critical for improving service delivery, and fostering empowerment. Strong civil-society institutions, interacting with the state, can create innovative solutions to complex social and economic problems.  A vibrant and diverse civil society can also provide an atmosphere of accessibility so that poor and marginalized people are able to participate in their own social, economic, cultural development. Through our education and training the programs, BRD aims to provide urgent response to the current challenges in access to education by supporting disadvantage children, both girls and boys and youths for necessary training opportunities and necessary economic support to enable children for continue their education and  give opportunities for youth, who study at the secondary education level or waiting to enter university for higher education. BRD also providing social development training to the community organizations to empower them for ensure the decision makers that are transparent, inclusive, and accountable to the people who are affected from their decisions, from service delivery to elections to the participation of women and the poor.

Current and Past Intervention