Past Campaigns:


1.The situation in Afghanistan and the need for halting forced deportation of Afghans from EU. More info

  1. Inclusivity of the peace process in Afghanistan, and the Afghan mechanism for inclusive Peace (AMIP) and how donor countries can influence to support specially (EU and Member States). More Info
  2. The need for commitment of the parties of conflict for their obligation to protect culture heritage in Afghanistan and Rights Based Approach to culture heritage protection.
  3. The role of Afghan diasporas in development cooperation, humanitarian action and the need for policy of inclusion of Afghan diasporas and Developing Cooperation in Sweden. More info
  4. The Afghan Diasporas Networking mechanism to improve networking and coordination among Afghan diasporas in Sweden. More Info
  5. The situation of human rights, development and peace building in Afghanistan and Afghan population real priorities to be targeted by donor countries (EU and Member States). More Info