Past Advocacy Projects



1. BRD as  diasporas and refugee support organisation, have been-engaged in the advocacy-campaign at the EU and member state level for halting forced deportation of Afghans from the EU countries. (More Info)

2. Advocacy for the inclusivity of Peace Process using the AfghanMechanism for Inclusive Peace: BRD as part of diasporas group, collaboration with the Afghan civil society, engaged in advocating and lobbying for inclusive peace dialogue in Afghan peace process with the support of ky stakeholders for influencing parties in the negotiating table, including our call on the parties to the conflict, for the commitment of protection of culture heritage as part of their obligation. (More info)

3. BRD has been actively participated  in the civil society consultation process for the new 4 years strategy (2020-2024)  for Afghanistan by the government of Sweden, organized by the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) and Folk Benedetti Akademy (FBA). BRD has provided its key inputs from the organization prospective in Afghanistan. (More Info)

4. Advocating for resources and inclusion of Afghan diasporas engagement in the development cooperation and humanitarian action both At the EU and Sweden. (More Info).

5. BRD is also engaged in advocacy and lobbying in Geneva, recently we have been engaged with ISHR and other key players for providing civil society prospective in the criteria and activities for the recruiting special reporter on Human Rights Defender. (More info)