Demanding Accountability from Local Governance


The project aims to support the building of a democratic and pluralistic society in Afghanistan by encouraging the development of a strong civil society that is capable of addressing corruption issues. This will greatly contribute to anti-corruption efforts by enhancing the monitoring of services provided by public authorities, encouraging the public’s voicing of complaints and concerns about corruption, and enabling Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in fulfilling their broader role in keeping local government accountable and transparent.In particular, the project will contribute to broadening the capacity for addressing corruption in the country by: (i) sensitizing local CSOs to corruption and accountability issues; (ii) training a pool of CSOs’ staff members as anti-corruption trainers, who in turn will disseminate the knowledge within their organizations; (iii) strengthening the inter linkages and formalizing/building partnerships between Afghan CSOs with respect to corruption issues, enabling them to collaborate in promoting accountability; and (iv) enhancing the capacity of CSOs to undertake social auditing.