Anti-Corruption, Conflict Management and the Electoral Process


Enhancement of Competency of the Independent Election Commission and afghan NGOs in the fields of Anti-Corruption, Conflict-Management and Organization of theElectoral Process”; The main objectives of the project was to train  IEC staff in techniques of anticorruption, conflict management and handling electoral law will enhance the organisation’s ability to maintain and defend their independence; to cooperate with national and international election monitors; to manage the electoral process and to deal with irregularities in a more professional manner. Members of the FEFAand other afghan NGOs will participate those workshops as well. Not just for improving their competency, but also for contributing ideas on how to improve the processes of democratic development in Afghanistan, too. Documenting   of experience shared by the participants and made by the HVSG staff involved to be distributed widely among the stakeholders and decision makers. Knowledge about the transformations of democratisation caused by the societal structures in Afghanistan and related mechanisms needs has been documented and analysed scientifically (in this case sociologically). The result has been published and it has facilitated amendment of electoral procedures for further improvement, which is counted a key result of the project.