Community Oversight on Covid-19 Services in Afghanistan


Although the third wave of the Covid 19 is worsening day by day. High level of violence in the provinces and district caused the disrupting services and displacement population which fall shorten the response   capacity of capacity and resources, for timely and effective response to the man-made disaster and the crises of the covid 19 pandemic.For effective use of the available resources, capacity and quality of the services for targeting the needy and vulnerable population and ensuring their equal access to these services’ community engagement in monitoring and oversight can play a vital role in improving the quality of the response ensuring the accessibility of the vulnerable populations to these services. under this project  BRD  facilitated the establishment of civil society oversight committees and community monitors, who will serve community-Civil Society lead monitoring mechanism for providing oversight COVID-19 related responses at the national and provincial level. BRD will support the capacity development of established CSOs oversight committees and selected community monitor training and technical support to identify COVID-19 related initiatives implemented by the national and provincial governments, district and municipalities where these services are delivered and sectors. For establishment of base line BRD already conducted rapid assessment of the covid 19 service delivered  and target group view and quality, effectiveness and access. The oversight committees will conduct actual oversight and monitoring of COVID-19-related responses and report the findings publicly.