World Cleanup Day Campaigns in Afghanistan


BRD as part the World Cleanup movement (Lets Do World Clean-up), organizing cleanup campaigns day every year in Afghanistan. The team continued to mobilize volunteers and stakeholders and engaged them in the cleanup actions with the technical support  Let’s Do It World NGO  and BRD own resources. Let’s Do It Afghanistan as part of the world Cleanup Day of 15 September 2018, organized a massive cleanup in 14 provinces of Afghanistan on safely manner with participation of around 5000 volunteers. For 21 September 2019 BRD was prepared to organize a big cleanup in 2019 targeted and planned for 25000 volunteers to participate, but due to the ongoing war and detartrating security situation because of predicational election, the action was postponed which was organized after the election with reduced scope with 3500 participants in 12 provinces of Afghanistan. BRD also organized a cleanup on 18 September 2020 with a smaller scale due to Covid 19 situation in the country.