Core Standards and Sphere Minimum Standards


BRD aligns the Core Humanitarian Standards with its internal procedures and uses it as basis for performance verification, assessment, evaluation, or other aspects of accountability. Fully intergrade SPHERE minimum standards in our response:

  • Core Standard 1: People-centred humanitarian response
    People’s capacity and strategies to survive with dignity are integral to the design and approach of humanitarian response.
  • Core Standard 2: Coordination and collaboration
    Humanitarian response is planned and implemented in coordination with the relevant authorities, humanitarian agencies and civil society organisations engaged in impartial humanitarian action, working together for maximum efficiency, coverage and effectiveness.
  • Core Standard 3: Assessment
    The priority needs of the disaster-affected population are identified through a systematic assessment of the context, risks to ‘life with dignity’, and the capacity of the affected people and relevant authorities to respond.
  • Core Standard 4: Design and response
    The humanitarian response meets the assessed needs of the disaster-affected population in relation to context, the risks faced and the capacity of the affected people and state to cope and recover.
  • Core Standard 5: Performance, transparency and learning
    The performance of humanitarian agencies is continually examined and communicated to stakeholders; projects are adapted in response to performance.
  • Core Standard 6: Aid worker performance
    Humanitarian agencies provide appropriate management, supervisory and psychosocial support, enabling aid workers to have the knowledge, skills, behaviour and attitudes to plan and implement an effective humanitarian response with humanity and respect.