Afghan Diasporas Engagement Program


More than five million Afghan nationals are residing outside their country of origin, forming a growing number of Afghan diaspora organizations that implement activities in the fields of integration, awareness raising, human rights and humanitarian aid and aim to contribute to peacebuilding, reconstruction and the solution to the conflict4. There are many individual professionals as well as more then 134 organizations run by Afghan diasporas in Sweden. If mobilized they might have great potential for contribution to achieve sustained peace and development in Afghanistan. The lack of vertical and horizontal linkages, both among the afghan diasporas, Swedish civil society, development cooperation and non-existence of a mechanism or network that can improve and facilitate these linkages as well as mobilize, or and coordinate the engagement of Afghan diasporas in the development cooperation, identified as one of the key challenges by the participants. For raising awareness and increasing understanding of the added value of the afghan diasporas in humanitarian assistance and development cooperation, of the decision makers and afghan diasporas and gap of effective engagement of diasporas in the development cooperation can be addressed by awareness rising, advocacy and lobbying to decision maker in Sweden for including the Afghan diasporas as part of the development cooperation, where the networking for effective collaboration among diasporas and their engagement in both advocacy in the country of residence and humanitarian work and development cooperation will be addressed through establishment of the network of Afghan diaspora:

Key Activities