Advocacy for Urgent Humanitarian Response in Afghanistan


BRD to gather with other diasporas led organization, advocating for the urgent delivery of humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan using a transparent and accountable mechanism.BRD welcome the efforts of international donor and EU on channeling aid for emergency response to the most vulnerable in Afghanistan, it’s important to note the bellow recommendations:

  • The aid should be increased as per the increasing demand in coordination with other stakeholder using a transparent delivery mechanism and ensuring that the framework of accountability to affected population (AAP) should be at the center of any humanitarian response.
  • Humanitarian aid should address both immediate need of the most vulnerable population and should linked with long term development to avoid dependency of the population on aid.
  •  It’s important to increase efforts by continues, independence monitoring/oversight and timely response for minimising this risk to ensuring independence in the delivery of humanitarian aid without any interference of de facto authorities.
  • Although the EU has policy to contract the international humanitarian organizations for the delivery of humanitarian’s assistance, however local civil society and diaspora organizations should not be sidelined and their added value by having local expertise and knowledge of local context and culture as well and broader network should be recognized and included by connecting them with the international partners.
  • Preserving access for humanitarian actors should be incorporated into international negotiations and international responses. In particular, critical services for women and girls must continue to be delivered, and this requires female aid workers who are able to access communities and create safe spaces for women and girls.