BRD is a registered not-for-profit Afghan organization. Established in 2002 by Afghans, the group is interested in participating in the process of reconstruction and in the development of the country. It is an NGO that implements and coordinates development projects and supports the process of the development of a strong, viable and pluralistic civil society.

Our Vision

BRD’s vision is of an Afghanistan where all the population live with improved livelihood, social justice, integrity and prosperity, where human rights and rights of women and children are recognized, upheld and respected, where citizens have an active role in determining the values, direction and governance of their communities and country, for the benefit of all.

Our Mission

BRD is dedicated to creating an environment in which men and women are able to improve their standards of living through equitable and sustainable use of resources, with special attention to the vulnerable group of the society specially women and Children.

Our Values

An essential part of its mandate, BRD’s core values are based on social justice, commitment, openness, accountability, transparency and respect of all segments of society without prejudice to gender, caste, religion, language and ethnic considerations.

Organization Goals/Objectives

  • To facilitate the process of community development in Afghanistan through programmatic and institutional intervention.
  • To provide support and protection for the most vulnerable groups of the societywith special focus on women and children through programmatic interventions.
  • To improve service delivery by building the institutional capacity of the public and Non-Profit sector to facilitate the process of long-term development in Afghanistan.
  • To enhance the skills and knowledge of local communities on human rights and democracy to ensure their active participation in the development of a viable civil society in Afghanistan.