BRD is an independent not-for-profit NGO that has no political or religious affiliations. Our work depends on the generosity of international and local aid/charity organizations and private donations. Each donation (monetary or in-kind) helps to alleviate poverty and build the capacity of Afghans to become self-reliant.

Giving For Businesses

To present a revolution that enables businesses and their customers to share the joy of giving to BRD instantly and effectively. Imagine every time your customer buys a product or service, a portion of the sale goes towards supporting an Afghan

$2.00 – Educate a Child for a Day


Help to change the course of Afghan street children’s lives by sponsoring their education. Instead of begging, scavenging through rubbish or selling plastic materials, proper education will equip the children with literacy and technical skills required to make them financially competent, allowing them to support their families in a sustainable way. This project aims to enroll the street children into the formal education system but if their situation doesn’t permit this, vocational training will be the alternative way out. Your contribution will cover the estimated cost of one day of schooling or training, and materials required for the learning of an Afghan street child.

$6.00 – Give Vocational Training to a Vulnerable Afghan Youth


The number one killer in Afghanistan is not armed conflict but poverty. Education and vocational training are essential to economic development that will ultimately break the cycle of poverty. Help to equip a vulnerable Afghan youth with empirical and mechanical skills that are in demand such as carpentry, welding, tinsmith or other trade training; improving his opportunities for employment or opportunity to start up a small-scale private enterprise. Your contribution will help to cover the cost for vocational training for one young Afghan adult over a period of 6 months.

$45.00 – Support Human Rights and Civic Education in Afghanistan


Protection of human rights is one of the key elements in overall human development that will ultimately lead to the construction of a democratic pluralistic society in Afghanistan. Help to strengthen and sustain the development of human rights by supporting the human rights education led by BRD Afghanistan and Afghan Civil Society Organisation (CSO). This project aims to help individuals advocating and integrating human rights into their area of work and community living. Your contribution will cover the cost of a 3-day education session for one Afghan.

$2.20 – Empower an Afghan Woman to Have a Kitchen Garden


The only way to help an Afghan woman is to empower her with culturally appropriate and sustainable skills, which could eventually yield financial support for her family. Running a kitchen garden will help an Afghan woman to supply nutritious homegrown food for her family and potentially sell the excess produce in the market for some income. Your contribution will cover the cost of proper gardening training, supply of vegetable seeds and fertilizers for an Afghan woman over a period of 6 months.

$45.00 – Give Non-Violent Communication Training


Help to tackle the societal and family problems arise from the culture of violence in Afghanistan by sponsoring the peace education through nonviolent communication for adults and children, including those with hearing disability. They will learn about nonviolent communication (NVC) through non-verbal methods where the key components of NVC are integrated, for example making art and understanding sign language. Your donation will cover the cost for a 3-day nonviolent communication workshop, including the required learning tools for an Afghan.

$15.00 – Support Peace building in Afghanistan


Afghan local Civil Society Organisation (CSO) and Community Based Organisation (CBO) support peace-building at community level, creating an environment supportive of self-sustaining and durable peace through promotion of peaceful conflict resolution and formation of an integrated civil society. Your contribution will cover the cost of a 3-day peace-building training course for 20 to 25 participants, aiming to deliver non-violent communication skills and pragmatic conflict resolutions to the participants who are mainly from the local CSOs and CBOs, including the community arbitrators.

Giving For Individuals

If you would like to make a donation directly to BRD, please contact us at