The Bureau for Rights Based Development (BRD)-Sweden with the organization number: 802520-8102 is the Swedish branch of the Bureau for Rights-Based Development (BRD) a registered Afghan non-profit, on-governmental development organization which aims to implement and promote rights-based development for a strong, viable, and pluralistic society in Afghanistan.

BRD Sweden Objectives

For reaching to the above objectives, our approach is based on the active engagement, coordination, communication, collaboration and partnership with the key actors and stockholders based in Sweden and to possible extent in other EU countries.

The core objectives of the Bureau for Rights-Based Development (BRD) Afghanistan 2018-2021

  • Strengthened respect for human rights;

  • Enhanced democratic governance;

  • Improved livelihood and protection of vulnerable groups; And

  • Ensure that BRD is an efficient, effective, relevant, transparent and sustainable organization.

Reaching to our strategic BRD efforts are organized within the 3 core program areas, Human Rights and Sustainable Development, Governance and Accountability and Protection of vulnerable groups.

Governance and Management of BRD Sweden

General Assembly is the highest decision-making body of the Bureau for Rights Based Development (BRD) organized annually, who elect the board of Director that governs BRD.

BRD Board of Directors consist of 4 members, who are specialist in the areas relevant to the organization program and activities, and provide strategic direction to the organization.

BRD Executive consisting of the CEO, 3 other permanent member of the organization, responsible for different area of operation within BRD.

Internal Control and Policies:

As non-profit organization, to ensure BRD operation and services are within the acceptable norms and standard and are aligned with its mandate, international practices, and donors’ requirements, the organization has a proper internal control mechanism put in place through a series of policies and procedures, which is applicable to all aspect of the organization’s operation and activities carried out both in the field and main office.