Latest Updates

Building Capacity of Civil Society for Promoting Accountablity and Transparancy in Afghanistan

BRD Lunched new project for Sensitization and capacity building of Civil Society on anti-corruption and social auditing in Afghanistan, supported under the National Endowment for Democracy 2011 Grant Program. The project’s overall objective is to sensitize to and build the capacity of Afghan CSOs for provision of social audit and engage them in promotion of transparency and combating corruption in…

Latest Update Women Rights Advocacy and Monitoring Project

BRD- Project on Capacity Building of Women Lead CSOs for women rights monitoring and advocacy – funded by the United State Embassy in Kabul has been started on 1st March 2011. The project team commenced their meetings for identification and selection of the women lead CSOs in the targeted provinces of Kapisa, Parwan, Panjsher, Wardak and Kabul.

The purpose of these meetings were to identify and bring to gather potential women lead organizations in the provinces and brief them on the objective and activities planed under the project and to gain their commitments for their active participation in the project. For gaining more support for the project, the female members of the provincial councils and also the directors of the women affaires departments were also invited to attend the meetings. 

Building Partnership between Afghan and US Professionals; Afghan US Fellowship Program

The initiative, sponsored by the US Department of State will be led by Relief International “Schools Online, BRD and the University of Virginia. The purpose of the program is to improve Afghan judicial and public administration area  and develop long-term cross-cultural relationship between Afghanistan and United States of America. The target institutions are Ministry of Justice, Supreme Court, Ministry of Education…

BRD- Project ; Empowering Afghan Women Lead Civil Society to Monitor and Advocate Women Rights

Under the support of Afghan Women Empowerment (AWE) program of the United State Embassy in Afghanistan, BRD will enhance the capacity of 45 women lead organizations to promote and protect women human rights at the local level in Afghanistan. The overall objective of the initiative is to enhance the capacity of women-led civil society organizations (CSOs) in leadership, women’s rights monitoring and advocacy.