Gender Responsive Governance


The program objective was; To increase the active incorporation of women into municipal governance and local development processes, so that they can be an active part of decision making and be better able to advocate for their concerns; To enhance women’s ability to start and operate successful small businesses and enabling municipal and local governance structures to better reflect, represent and respond to women and youth members of the local communities, by increasing public, especially women’s and youth’s, confidence in them;Facilitate successful public private partnership in the area among the community civil society and community based organizations, private sector and local institution at the provincial level.The program was consisting of 3 components:  Facilitation and support for women entrepreneurs of establishment, operating and extension of small scale enterprises, through training and mentorship, including the support for establishment of market linkages through exhibitions and value chain process, to enable women to sell their products, in the local, regional and national markets; Delivering of training sessions on gender, governance, local development including conflict management and public private partnership (PPP) for 900 participants from the local institutions, civil society and community- based organization such CDCs, DDAs, Agro Business, Shura and Cooperatives, private sector and women groups; Providing on the job training and mentorship to young female and male fellows in design and implmentation of governance, who to support the municipalities and local government institutions in designing key project in the area of governance, local economy development, including proposal writing and budget development.