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Support Vulnerable Women for Animal Husbandry and Kitchen Gardening

With the aim of providing vulnerable women with the skills and opportunities for earning income to support their families, BRD, under its Social Protection Program, supports newly returned, internally displaced, and vulnerable women by teaching kitchen gardening and animal husbandry. BRD is currently targeting newly stabilized districts where displaced families have retuned back to their villages. Kot district in Ningarhar…

Youth Empowerment Program

The youth in Afghanistan experience inadequate services delivery. All youth who newly returned, internally displaced and/or vulnerable, suffer from such negative effects as physical and mental health issues, poor education, financial uncertainty and lack of employment opportunities, social disconnection and mistrust, and general insecurity. Due to lack of job opportunities, youth are engaged in illegal activities such as drug use,…

The October Newsletter From BRD is Here

The inaugural issue of the BRD newsletter has just been launched. This month’s issue covers: pilot mapping of illegal waste sites by BRD, expansion of the home vegetable garden program, Q&A with a BRD volunteer, and thematic insights on at-risk children in Afghanistan. Read these articles and more in the October 2017 issue of the Bureau for Rights-Based Development newsletter.

BRD New Program: Enhancing the Capacity of Civil Society for their effective engagement in the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) Process in Afghanistan

The Program’s overall objective is to sensitize, train and engage Afghan Civil Society organizations in the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) mechanism and process by   monitoring the government obligation towards implementation of the UPR recommendations and provide compressive reports and communication on the government performance towards fulfilling its commitments for protection and promotion of human rights obliged in the ratified international treaties, conventions and National Constitution in Afghanistan.The project will contribute to broadening capacity of effective engagement of the Civil Society organizations in the international human rights mechanism for protection promotion of human rights through: (i) sensitizing local CSOs on the UPR system, the current recommendations issue to the government of Afghanistan by under the first and

Media Advocacy Workshops for Journalists and Members of Civil Society Organizations in Kabul and Ningarhar Provinces

BRD organized the two rounds of workshop on Family Violence Awareness and Media Advocacy Training for Media professionals and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), from 27-30 January and 26-28 Feb 2 013.Total 33 participants consisting of members of the Civil Society Organizations, Local Radios and Ministry of Women Affairs participated in the workshop. The topics of the workshop were focused on:…