The youth in Afghanistan experience inadequate services delivery. All youth who newly returned, internally displaced and/or vulnerable, suffer from such negative effects as physical and mental health issues, poor education, financial uncertainty and lack of employment opportunities, social disconnection and mistrust, and general insecurity.

Due to lack of job opportunities, youth are engaged in illegal activities such as drug use, petty crime, or joining the insurgency. Some of them consider illegal migration to other countries and struggle for a bright future, due to the lack of opportunities to be an active member of their community in Afghanistan.

Under the BRD social protection program, our aim is to empower youth to bring about positive change and social cohesion to their communities in order to reduce vulnerabilities and reduce risky behaviors, including irregular migration. The major focus of the program is to provide skills and tools to the jobless and vulnerable youth. The result is that they are empowered and their capacity is enhanced to support their families and become agent of change in their community and society.

Under this program, BRD started a new project in Jalal Abad, Ningarhar province, with the objective of strengthening the skillset and financial security of vulnerable youth through provision of vocational training and access to the job market in order to be able to earn sufficient income to support their families.

Youth Empowerment Program
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