The Let’s Do It Afghanistan cleanup is initiated in 2015 and managed by BRD Afghanistan. The purpose of Let’s Do It Afghanistan cleanup is to build the capacities for the civic action and to educate and engaged citizen and other stakeholders such as civil society, government institutions, private sector, media including key politicians and religious scholars in the actions for  cleaning their own home, city and country as whole. The program is initiated in collaboration with Let’s Do World Cleanup  Movement, based in Estonia and with the first-year startup funding support from the Estonian Ministry of Environment. Since 2015 Let’s Do It Afghanistan cleanup has organized several massive cleanups both in Kabul and provinces.As part of the World Cleanup Day (WCD) 2018, the Let’s Do It Afghanistan cleanup organized a massive cleanup in 14 provinces of Afghanistan. The WCD 2018 mobilized 17.8 million volunteers in 157 countries in one day, who  collected 88500 Tons waste and trash. With the new initiative of the network to focus on more longer-term approach for keeping the world without waste, the Let’s Do It World Movement crated “Keep It Clean Plan” where the Let’s Do It Afghanistan as member of this movement is committed for the implementation of the relevant component of this plan in Afghanistan.Under the “KEEP IT CLEAN PLAN” the Let’s Do It Afghanistan will focus both on short term actions to aware and educated the targeted population on the risk and consequences of using such material and their responsibility for waste management through organizing awareness rising campaigns and cleanup campaigns. Also work on the long-term sustainable solutions for waste management, through continues education and policy advocacy to government to ban importing such material by the business and monitor their commitments which includes creating good partnership with municipalities to help them in finding durable solution to the waste problem.

Lets Do It Afghanistan Keep It Clean Plan
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