Under  program community-based approach for protection and safeguarding culture heritage, in the areas of its operation BRD started a new initiative “Lets Protect our Culture Heritage” which consisting of series of workshop to community-based organizations, in which we sensitize and educate communities on the importance of culture heritage, and their role and responsibilities, what they can do to protect their culture heritage, including communication with the key stakeholders. The expected result of of these workshops are  communities educated and sensitized  on the importance of culture heritage for the society and they are mobilized   to take active role in protection and safeguarding of these public assets,  in collaboration with local institutions.  The initiative is supported by BRD own resources in follow up to the FAC training 2018 organized and supported by the Prince Clause Fund to gather with other partners, which also attended by BRD senior management.   

Community Based Approach for Protection and Safeguarding Culture Heritage in Afghanistan
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