Under BRD’s social protection program 7 vulnerable youth received vocational training. Vocational training provides them with skills that secure the entry to the job market and enable them to earn sufficient income to support their families.The youth in Afghanistan experiences an inadequate services delivery. All youth who are internally displaced or newly returned are vulnerable, suffering from negative effects such as physical and mental health issues, poor education, financial uncertainty, lack of employment opportunities, social disconnection, mistrust and general insecurity. 

Due to lack of jobs and opportunities to be an active member of their community, the youth are engaged in illegal activities such as drug use, petty crime, joining the insurgency or illegal migration to other countries in hope of a bright future.The aim of our social protection program is to reduce that kind of vulnerability and risky behaviors. We are focusing on the empowerment through skills and tools, so young people can enter the job market, support their families and become agents of change in their community.

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