The Program’s overall objective is to sensitize, train and engage Afghan Civil Society organizations in the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) mechanism and process by   monitoring the government obligation towards implementation of the UPR recommendations and provide compressive reports and communication on the government performance towards fulfilling its commitments for protection and promotion of human rights obliged in the ratified international treaties, conventions and National Constitution in Afghanistan.The project will contribute to broadening capacity of effective engagement of the Civil Society organizations in the international human rights mechanism for protection promotion of human rights through: (i) sensitizing local CSOs on the UPR system, the current recommendations issue to the government of Afghanistan by under the first and

second UPR review, including their role in the process; (ii) training CSOs on how to monitor, document and report the status of human rights, who in turn disseminate the skills and knowledge in their organizations, (iii) strengthening the inter linkages and formalizing/building partnerships between Afghan CSOs with respect to protection of human rights , enabling them to collaborate in promoting accountability of the state ; and (iv) enhancing the capacity of civil society to undertake regular monitoring and reporting of the human rights issues at the local level.Download Full list of UPR issued to Afghanistan


BRD New Program: Enhancing the Capacity of Civil Society for their effective engagement in the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) Process in Afghanistan

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