BRD started the new year with its new initiative aimed at the promotion of women in Afghan society, the exhibition of women’s entrepreneurship projects. The event took place in Gahnzi, on January 11 and involved 30 women entrepreneurs, the representatives of concerned government departments, NGO’s and CSO’s members as well as ordinary citizens interested in the project.

The goal of the event was to promote women’s entrepreneurship and point out the role of business done by them. 30 participants exhibited diverse projects with different types of products such as clothing, embroidery, paper flowers and dolls. The exhibition was inaugurated by Mr Mahmmad Ali Ahmadi, the deputy governor of Ghazni province, who emphasized the importance of promoting of women commerce and products that are the main factors in development of position of women in business. He expressed his appreciation for both donors and BRD, the organizer of the exposition. The director of Women Affairs pointed out the importance of the initiative in building women business and of encouraging them to do small scale commerce for providing them with sustainable income, which is crucial for their economic development. The exhibition was an successful initiative in terms of women’s participation, the motivation for showing their products and the interest of visitors in women’s development-related issues. Under the project women were also provided with business and marketing skills, which are crucial to build an effective commerce. BRD is planning to organize more exhibitions, which will help women to sustain market linkages and expand their small businesses.

Promotion of women business in Afghanistan – the exhibition of women entrepreneurs under BRD Gender Responsive Governance Project

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