Humboldt Viadrina School of Governance, in cooperation with the Bureau for Reconstruction and Development, have organised a workshop ‘Enhancement of Competency of the IEC and Afghan NGOs in the fields of Anti-Corruption, Electoral Law and Organization of Electoral Process’ in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, held from 9th January to 20th January 2012. Representatives of BRD; Marta Matosek participated in this workshop together with 30 representatives of Independent Election Commission (IEC) and other Afghan NGOs, such as Free and Fair Elections Foundation of Afghanistan, Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission, All Afghan Women Union etc. One of the most prominent guests of that workshop was Mr Fazal Ahmad Manawi, the Chairman of IEC.

The Participants had also had an opportunity to meet with the Chief of Central Election Commission of Tajikistan. At this meeting they learned about Electoral Process, EC Practice and Electoral Law in Tajikistan, and could pose questions regarding EC in Tajikistan during Questions and Answers Session. During the stay in Dushanbe, the Participants had also visited Afghan Embassy and at the end, German Embassy, where they attended farewell function and had been awarded with Certificates of Participation in the Workshop.

During the course of the workshop, representatives of Independent Election Commission and Afghan NGOs had the chance to identify and discuss burning issues and risks involved in various aspects of electoral process in Afghanistan such as: Monitoring, Communication, Organisational Development, Electoral Law, Election Day etc. At the end of the workshop the Participants discussed and assessed the magnitude of identified risks and proposed certain solutions and measures to mitigate those risks. The workshop also proved to be a forum of communication, discussion and experience sharing between Afghan IEC and NGOs in order to meet their common objective of ensuring fair, legitimate, independent and sustainable Elections for all the citizens of Afghanistan.

Workshop for Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan and NGOs on Anti-Corruption & Electoral Process and Law, Dushanbe, Tajikistan

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