BRD organized the two rounds of workshop on Family Violence Awareness and Media Advocacy Training for Media professionals and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), from 27-30 January and 26-28 Feb 2 013.Total 33 participants consisting of members of the Civil Society Organizations, Local Radios and Ministry of Women Affairs participated in the workshop.

The topics of the workshop were focused on:

Building theoretical knowledge of participants by introducing them with the Introducing participants to family violence, types and its factors and how it can be tackled, Constitution of Afghanistan, Afghan Law on eradicating voilance against women, international instruments and Islamic values.Skills on how to collect information to prepare report, media programs and reporting, design and conduct advocacy campaign, including realist advocacy strategies and process.

Key result of the workshop were: Enhanced knowledge and skills of the 18 participants on how to work together for tackling the family violence, through preparation of reports, effective media programs and also advocacy and lobbying Improved linkages among the civil society activists and media professional for future collaboration on the issues of family violence and also other civic activities.Development of training follow up plan, where the participants have committed and planed activities to be implemented in the follow up to the training, and they will report there result of their action to BRD within coming 2-3 months.

Media Advocacy Workshops for Journalists and Members of Civil Society Organizations in Kabul and Ningarhar Provinces

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