BRD Lunched new project for Sensitization and capacity building of Civil Society on anti-corruption and social auditing in Afghanistan, supported under the National Endowment for Democracy 2011 Grant Program.

The project’s overall objective is to sensitize to and build the capacity of Afghan CSOs for provision of social audit and engage them in promotion of transparency and combating corruption in the target provinces in Afghanistan. Specifically, this objective will be achieved through workshops in order to sensitize and improving awareness of CSOs on their role in anti- corruption and accountability, including techniques for conducting social auditing. The project will contribute to broadening capacity for addressing corruption in the country by: (i) sensitizing local CSOs to corruption and accountability issues; (ii) training a pool of CSO anti-corruption trainers, who in turn disseminate the knowledge in their organizations, (iii) strengthening the inter linkages and formalizing/building partnerships between Afghan CSOs with respect to corruption issues, enabling them to collaborate in promoting accountability; and (iv) enhancing the capacity of civil society to undertake social auditing.The project will be implemented in the provinces of Badakhshan, Kapisa, Kunduz, Ningarhar, Parwan, Punjsher, Takhar, Wardak and the provision of on-going follow up and mentorship during a project implementation cycle of one year duration.

Building Capacity of Civil Society for Promoting Accountablity and Transparancy in Afghanistan

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