Under BRD participatory irrigation management program, funded by the Afghanistan Ministry of Agriculture under the Asian Development Bank is currently taking place in Afghanistan’s Balkh and Ningarhar province. BRD has completed the establishment of 34 Irrigation Associations (AI) and trained 90 members of the AIs and Community Development Councils (CDC) in Water Law and Water Conservation.The overall training program covers 28 associations and relevant members in the Ningarhar province and 35 associations in the Mushtaq Canal in Balkh province. The civil work component of the program deals with the repairation and designing of the irrigation structures.So far 15 irrigation structures have been identified for repairation through a joint assessment, consisting of representatives of the Agricultural ministry, BRD engineers, IAs and CDC members.The design is submitted to the ministry for approval and budget allocation. BRD is also actively engaged in meeting women in the area, to ensure their participation in the project and incorporating their inputs in all activities of the program.


Latest Progress Participatory Irrigation Management Program
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