BRD successfully established 35 irrigation associations (IAs) and facilitated the official registration of all the associations with the relevant authorities based on the water law. A certificates distribution ceremony has been held in Mazar, the capital of the Balkh provinces.The key members of the newly registered association, officials from the Ministry of agriculture, ADB, provincial line departments and BRD senior management attended the ceremony.The newly established Irrigation Association will be trained and equipped knowledge and skill for for effective to effectively engaged delivering services to their community and led the participatory irrigation management at the community level.

The IAs  in collaboration with the community development councils (CDCs) will lead the civil work component for improving the irrigation infrastructure in their respective communities, which  to be facilitate by BRD in Mashtaq canal of Balkh and NVDA in Ningarhar province.

Certificates distribution to the newly established Irrigation Associations in Mashtq canal Balkh province
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