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22 grants contracts with total value of $ 3 55000 USD awarded to CDCs and IAs to improve their irrigation infrastructure:

 Under the “Participatory Irrigation Management Capacity Building Program” civil work component, BRD supported the Irrigation Associations (IAs) and Community Development Councils (CDCs) of Ningarhar and Balkh in prioritization, selection and designing of the irrigation infrastructure projects, including the process for approval by the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and livestock (MAIL) under the Asian Development Bank (ADB) grant , where 22  contracts with the total value of $ 3, 55000 USD  have been awarded to CDCs  and IAs in Ningarhar Valley Development and Lower Balkh Sub- Basin for improving the irrigation infrastructure in their respective canals, to better manage irrigation water and increase irrigated land to contribute toward increasing crops productions in the irrigated farmland.

500 school children received stationery kits under BRD program “Protection of Vulnerable Groups”

 With the aim to bring down the percentage of children drop out from the schools, due to the poor economic conditions of their families, who do not afford to arrange school material for their children, motivate the children to continue attending school, and encourage out of school children to return back to school, BRD support the school children by providing them with the stationery kits. Through the program we are targeting under served and remote districts with the high number of poor and vulnerable families. BRD distributed 500 stationery kits to the student of primary school from class 1-3 in Kunnar provinces of Afghanistan.


 BRD launched a program to initiate a community based approach to cultural heritage preservation and safeguarding in Afghanistan. BRD has organized one day sessions for community organization members in Ningahar provinces. The aim of the session was to raise awareness and sensitize the importance’s of the culture heritage from the historic, social development and peace building prospective. They also discussed their roles and responsibilities and the roles of different stakeholders – including both national and local government institutions.

Certificates distribution to the newly established Irrigation Associations in Mashtq canal Balkh province

 BRD successfully established 35 irrigation associations (IAs) and facilitated the official registration of all the associations with the relevant authorities based on the water law. A certificates distribution ceremony has been held in Mazar, the capital of the Balkh provinces.The key members of the newly registered association, officials from the Ministry of agriculture, ADB, provincial line departments and BRD senior management attended the ceremony.The newly established Irrigation Association will be trained and equipped knowledge and skill for for effective to effectively engaged delivering services to their community and led the participatory irrigation management at the community level.

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