Protection of Sultan Poor Chenne Culture Heritage Site


Under BRD program Emergency Response for Protection of Culture Heritage in Afghanistan, The Emergency repair and protection of culture heritage site of Sultan Poor Chenee, has been completed. Using its original design and material, BRD has repaired the structure of inside and outside pools, walls and damages inside the spring channels, stairs and the room under the stairs, inside the compound and in outside canal side, including the flooring of both inner, outer pool areas. Improved the surrounding areas to ensure its protection from potential flooding and fencing to avoid open entry for animals/other source to mitigate the risk of further damage to the site.The work has successfully completed, where it will be handed over to the formed community led culture heritage maintenance committee and the department of culture heritage, who will be responsible for future malignance and protection of the site. The project is support by Prince Clause Fund Culture Emergency Response through grants funding from ALIPH Foundation.