Community Engagement through Social Behaviour Change (SBC) and AAP


We are pleased to share  about our new program focused on  community engagement, facilitation of the establishment of Accountability to the Affected Population (AAP) and community feedback mechanism at the community level in Afghanistan to be started soon. Social mobilization and community engagement (SM and CE) are critical components of international development practice and humanitarian assistance. Communities should be listened to and have a meaningful role in processes and issues that affect them. SM and CE strategies focus on mobilizing and leveraging the capacity and skills of partners at all levels for the common purpose of empowering communities and sustaining programmatic results. In this process, community engagement remains critical to involve in two-way communication with a wide range of traditional, community, civil society and opinion leaders around a common cause or issue. Social and Behaviour Change (SBC) is a set of approaches that promotes positive and measurable changes toward the fulfilment of children’s rights. SBC works with communities and authorities to understand and influence the cognitive, social, and structural drivers of change.