Improve Agriculture Productivity


Afghanistan where over 75 percent of the country’s inhabitants living in rural areas and 85 percent of Afghan households depend on agriculture for their livelihood. The country remains one of the poorest countries in the world. It has been in a state of protracted crisis for decades and rural areas have been particularly affected. Agricultural productivity remains far below its potential, because farms lack access to productive resources, markets and technical knowledge needed to increase their productivity and incomes. As a result, 45 percent of all rural Afghans were  lived below the national poverty line, but after August 15,  it has reached to almost 95 percent of the population under the poverty line and  are need for urgent humanitarian assistance. BRD is currently in the process of expending its sustainable livelihood program, support communities to increase its productivity in Agriculture, as we as increase their resilience to cope with current situation. BRD approach is to align the humanitarian interventions with long-term development, in to avoid dependency of the population on aid and enhance their ownership and self-reliance.