BRD Technical Competencies


Since its inception in 2002, BRD has undertaken numerous, human rights governance, community development, and capacity/institutional building projects at the gross roots level in Afghanistan;

  • Based on our long-term engagement at the local level, we have established a strong working relations and partnership with local stakeholders and communities;
  • Our knowledge and understanding of the local context culture, traditions and needs are the key for ensuring our interventions to reflect the real needs of local communities, culture and conflict sensitive based on the no harm principles;
  • Have valuable insight and knowledge of the local context and built-up resilience, developed approaches and alternative delivery mechanisms to ensure the continuation of our work despite the changing security and political environment.
  • Extensive experience in all regions, including the design and delivery of targeted instruments in a range of sectors specifically in the area of human rights, good governance, environment, culture heritage protection gender women empowerment, income generation, business development, vocational training, building market linkages and values chain management ;
  • Experience of working across institutions and sectors gives us a strong insight into the concerns of stakeholders, including the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (GIRoA) and civil society, and the challenges of delivering engagements here;
  • A highly qualified and experienced team. We have a balanced team with considerable insight and knowledge accumulated over many years of working in Afghanistan across a range of projects to ensure we can “hit the ground running”;