Afghan Diasporas Role and Engagement in Peace Process


The peace deal between the United States and Taliban has created, hopes and opportunity for ending the current conflict and reach to a lasting peace in Afghanistan. But a sustained peace can only be realized through inclusive Afghan-led process with the meaningful participation, of all segments of Afghan society both in the country aboard. Where the Afghan Mechanism for Inclusive Peace (AMIP), well be the key for coordinating of the efforts of civil society and Afghan diasporas to ensure inclusiveness and transparency of the process with the desired result. It was honor for BRD as part of the broader diaspora participated in the advocacy events in EU and NOTO mission in Brussel, by convying a strong massage and and raise awareness about the ways to ensure an inclusive peace process, and the important role that the International Community could play in guaranteeing an inclusive peace process in Afghanistan. BRD would to thank EU Afghanistan Mission, SIDA and FBA for facilitating and supporting this visit.