Advocacy for Protection of culture heritage using Human Rights Based Approach


Using its rights based to protection of culture heritage BRD is engaged in advocacy at the national and international platforms to promote universality of the culture herniate and engage key decision maker to consider culture heritage as their human rights obligation. Because access to and enjoyment of cultural heritage as a human right is a necessary and complementary approach to the preservation/safeguard of cultural heritage.Beyond preserving/safeguarding an object or a manifestation in itself, it obliges one to take into account the rights of individuals and communities in relation to such object or manifestation and, in particular, to connect cultural heritage with its source of production. Cultural heritage is linked to human dignity and identity. Accessing and enjoying cultural heritage is an important feature of being a member of a community, a citizen and, more widely, a member of society.The disconnection which may occur between cultural heritage and the people concerned is an important human rights issue. The challenge is how to ensure that the people themselves, in particular source communities, are empowered, and that cultural heritage issues are not confined to preservation/safeguarding. In particular, cultural heritage programmes should not be implemented at the expense of individuals and communities who, sometimes, for the sake of preservation purposes, are displaced or given limited access to their own cultural heritage.


The destruction of cultural heritage in the context of war or conflict also has important human rights implications. The right of access to and enjoyment of cultural heritage of others in a non-stereotypical way in post-conflict situations is of utmost importance. The independent expert notes in this regard that, today, cultural peace-making traditions are often endangered. Peace-building processes should include the repair of cultural heritage with the participation of all concerned, and the promotion of intercultural

dialogue regarding cultural heritage.