Online volunteers have been a great source of expertise and assistance to BRD in the past years. They have completed varied assignments ranging from strategic planning to training curriculum development, website design, proposal writing, project design, fund raising and newsletter and brochure development.

Online Volunteer Awards

BRD’s Volunteering Team is pleased to win the Year 2007 Award!

As a result of our volunteers expertise and commitment, BRD has benefited greatly and so it is with great pleasure that BRD nominates deserving volunteers for the annual United Nations Online Volunteer/Volunteering Team Award. Our volunteers have been awarded the top honours not once but twice – in 2004 and 2007.


Organizational Development

BRD has a panel of Volunteer Consultants who assist with its organizational development. Their expertise has contributed to the development and implementation of internal capacity building projects, improvement in operational efficiencies and reduction in operational risks.

Strategic Planning:

  • Brian Wei, USA
  • Wong Yin Mei, Australia

Volunteers Management:

Wong Yin Mei, Australia

Project Design, Planning, and Implementation

“Enhancing Capacity of Civil Society Organizations in Human Rights Advocacy”: This is a key project in BRD’s Human Rights Program. The project aims to:

  • Enhance the capacity of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Human Rights Advocacy
  • Train a pool of Human Rights trainers in Afghanistan
  • Establish a network of CSOs active in human rights advocacy in Afghanistan to facilitate cooperation and collaboration in human rights activities
  • Develop and maintain a contact database of CSOs, international human rights organizations, volunteers and experts
  • Develop training materials for a 2-day Human Rights Course for CSOs and a 5-day Training of Trainers Workshop

Many volunteers are contributing and/or have contributed to this key project.The development and planning of this project is spearheaded by a team of six volunteers:

Project Design:

  • Filipina Santos, Philippines

Develop training materials, including instructional design:

  • Wong Yin Mei, Australia
  • Filipina Santos, Philippines
  • Charlene Chew, Australia
  • Cathleen Brown, USA
  • Ms. Geeta Sood
  • Dr. Elena Denisova, Germany

Develop network database:

  • Nirav Khichadia, India

Research contacts and donors:

  • Filipina Santos, Philippines Dr. Elena Denisova, Germany

Women Development:

  • Rongtao Xu, USA
  • Silvia Calzada, Netherlands
  • Karen Green, UK
  • Jane Dalton, Canada

Civic and Peace Education Program:

  • Sabrina Natalja Garcia, Germany
  • Eduarda Hamann, Brazil
  • Claudia Lilly Kuehne, Germany
  • Grace Bernando, Philippines

Capacity Building:

  • Claire Holland, USA

Grant Writing

Through the efforts of its grant writers, BRD has been able to present its project proposals to more donors. Experienced grant writers have also assisted in the review and editing of proposals.

Grant writers:

  • Marion Kipiani, Austria
  • Christopher Whyne, Japan
  • Janice Angela Correa Layug, Philippines

Marketing and Communication

Web site Development:

BRD’s website was revamped as part of its efforts to improve its communications with the public, donors, volunteers and partners.

Website designers / developers and maintenance:

  • Soheil Abbasi, Iran
  • Shiv Chamling, Nepal

Previous website designers:

  • Lean Piamonte Lachica, Philippines
  • Zoe Head, UK

Brochure Development

Volunteers assisted with the development of many brochures. Their efforts include editing, graphic design and layout. With contributions from these volunteers, BRD was able to produce quality brochures to communicate its strategies, performance and its suite of services effectively and economically.

Design and Layout of BRD’s Profile brochure:

  • Stephanie Lee, USA

Design and Layout of Annual Report 2006:

  • Aldrin Pelicano, Philippines

Design and Layout of Annual Report 2006:

  • Wong Yin Mei, Australia

Newsletter Production

BRD launched its own newsletter – BRD Journal, in 2007. The newsletter was made possible by the newsletter production team.

Feature article writers:

  • Joy Anne Icayan, Philippines
  • Jason Smith, USA

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As BRD continues to grow, it will need more volunteers to help achieve its development goals. We are always looking for people with varied talents to join us, to expand the community and increase our depth of expertise. If you have questions about volunteering, email our Volunteers Manager, at: